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Get ready for your trip of New Zealand as it has every adventure activity and extreme sport one can imagine of – Bungy jumping, Skydiving, Canyon Swing, Canoeing & Kayaking, Ski Plane Landing, etc.

Auckland : SkyCity Bungee

A Bungee is the most thrilling tourist adventure activity and one of the experiences that you cannot miss when you are in Auckland. A Bungee is best described as being thrown off a cliff with a wire attached to you as your only life line. It is a perfect activity for adults ,children and team building activity for businesses in Auckland.

The rush is unbeatable! Leap off the famous Auckland Sky Tower and fall 192 metres straight down. An unforgettable experience for true daredevils, jump off the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand. An adrenalin pumping jump at 75 km an hour. You can also take in the spectacular views of Auckland while walking around the 1.2 metre wide platform a dizzying 192 metres up! A full body harness and overhead safety lines keep you safe as you walk the edge of Sky Tower’s pergola.

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Christchurch : International Antarctic Center

Established in 1992, The Antarctic Attraction is the modern day window for Antarctica. This is a fun, exciting and hands-on experience for all the family to enjoy. This includes the indoor Snow & Ice Experience, the Penguin Encounter which is New Zealand’s first combined indoor/outdoor penguin viewing area featuring Little Blue penguins and an exhilarating outdoor adventure ride in the Hagglund, a genuine Antarctic all-terrain vehicle.

The Antarctic Attraction at the International Antarctic Centre, located next to Christchurch International Airport allows you to experience Antarctica in a fun, exciting all weather environment. Experience real Antarctic conditions with Audiovisual and Touch Screen technology and feel a ‘genuine’ Antarctic wind chill or slide down a snow slope in the Snow & Ice Experience. The New Zealand Penguin Encounter is New Zealand’s first combined indoor/outdoor penguin viewing area with capacity to hold up to 26 rescued Little Blue penguins in a Banks Peninsula natural themed environment that can be accessed on two levels. While you’re enjoying the attraction, take the chance to enjoy the great Antarctic Hagglund Ride. The International Antarctic Centre, is a twice winner of the prestigious NZ Tourism Awards for Best Attraction and also offers exclusive Antarctic Products in the Antarctic Shop and delicious meals in the Caf’e and Bar.

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Mt.Cook : Ski Plane Landing

A ski plane landing is defined as – An airplane equipped with skis for landing on or taking off from a snow-covered surface. Mt Cook, or Aoraki the Cloud Piercer, (3,754m) is New Zealand’s highest mountain. Situated in the heart of the Southern Alps, Mt Cook is a national icon and perhaps represents the ultimate adventure in a country renowned for its high adrenalin exploits.

In 1955 the first ski plane landed on Tasman Glacier. Since then, Ski Planes have introduced visitors from all over the world to the dramatic landscape of the Southern Alps and Aoraki/Mount Cook.
There are a number of scenic flights that include the chance to experience the special thrill of landing on a glacier. The absolute peace and tranquillity of being on a glacier high in the Southern Alps is an unforgettable experience.

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Queenstown : Shot Over Canyon Swing

A highly adrenalinised sensation that is created by the unique combination of natural geography and ingenuity is something worth experiencing when in Queenstown. The rush starts at the platform as you leap or launch from the 109 metre high cliff edge. Gravity accelerates you for 60 metres of freefall just metres from the vertical cliff face. Reaching speeds of 150kph as the canyonous rocks rush towards you before the ropes smoothly swing you past. Whatever your jumpstyle, this is 200 metres of very scary CANYON RUSH.

With each trip limited to 11 passengers (including space for spectators) there’s no rush and no crowds. You’ve time to soak in the surroundings – one of the most spectacular valleys in the region; to chat with your driver – who’ll act as host throughout the trip; and to have fun without feeling pressured. Your jumpmaster will expertly “manage” your fear factor while ensuring your enjoyment. There is a built in platform on the edge of a cliff 109m/360ft above the Shotover River. At the platform you are fitted into a seat and chest harness and connected to the jump ropes. This harnessing configuration keeps your arms and legs free throughout the journey and enabling you to safely depart the platform in any position imaginable. Gravity does the rest.

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Queenstown : Sky Dive

Commercial skydiving was invented in New Zealand and it is said that skydiving in New Zealand is much safer than crossing the streets of some of the major metropolitan cities. The personal challenge is immense and the greater challenge is to have the mindpower to embrace fear with the thought of jumping out of a plane from 12000 feet. You must choose. To go through life able to say ‘yes, I did it’, or to go through life knowing that you had the opportunity, but you turned it down and walked away from becoming the complete person you could have been.

The sky dive host would explain the details to you, after you jump, you are likely to experience a free fall for upto 60 seconds before your sky dive host deploys the parachute and then together you glide back to earth. You needn’t despair as there is an expert jumping with you who opens the parachute, this is better known as tandem skydiving.
It takes a certain kind of person to jump out of an aircraft into thin air. It takes courage. Expect a sensory overload as you step out of the aircraft door and for 45 odd seconds as you plummet towards the ground at 200kph. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

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Wellington : Canoeing & Kayaking

Kayak fishing is very popular in Wellington and there are regular groups of kayakers who get together to go fishing. Most of the areas for kayaking are: Marlborough Sounds, Abel Tasman National Park and Milford Sounds, amongst others.

Like many Olympic sports with ancient roots, canoe and kayak racing evolved from the great and proud history of boats propelled with paddles dating back to the Stone Age, from Samaria to the Americas, Greenland, Australia and Oceania. These crafts were used as a mode of transport, fishing and battle. The original kayak was developed by indigenous cultures in the northern Arctic regions, which kept the frigid Arctic waters from entering the boat. The kayaks were made by stretching animal skins over a frame of wood. The kayaks had a gap in the middle for an individual to sit in. The modern interest in canoeing & kayaking as a recreational sport was initiated by John MacGregor, who designed the Rob Roy in 1845, a canoe he based on sketches of canoes & kayaks of people living in the Arctic region. He later started the Canoe Club in 1866. Kayaking became a part of the Olympics in 1936.

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